Inspired by the passion of Cynthia Weglarz Rountree for the wonders and beauty of our natural environment, a fund was started to both honor her ideals and further the work she had so ably begun.

2018 Chicago River Day: Saturday, May 12th 9:00 AM at Lake Katherine

For the 16th consecutive year, friends and family of the Cynthia Weglarz Rountree Fund will join the Friends of the Chicago River for their annual Chicago River Day.  As in years past, we will gather at the Lake Katherine Nature Center in Palos Heights.  If you plan to attend, please send us a quick email so we get an accurate head count.  Hope to see you there!

News and Updates


  • The CWR Fund is proud to announce that the documentary "Mary's Woods" was broadcast on PBS in Texas.  Mary's Woods is a documentary about the Chesapeake Bay region created by Dru Hunter and supported in part by the CWR Fund.
  • The CWR Fund once again provided support for the legal intern program at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (Maryland).  Click here to see the letter of appreciation from William C. Baker, President of The Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Treasures of Palos Heights

On Saturday, October 22, 2011, a stunning mural was dedicated in Palos Heights, Illinois.  Themural byartist Anne-Farley Gaines was commissioned by the city of Palos Heights Art Garden Committee to enhance the city’s central shopping area.  A formal Art Garden was dedicated nearby a few years earlier with sculptures, plantings, and garden benches to provide a pleasant garden for residents and visitors alike.


“The Treasures of Palos Heights” mural depicts various scenes of the community, including Lake Katherine, the Art Garden, the Clock Towerand the Gazebo in the park.  Major donors to the mural were able to submit a design fora 12” by 12” tile as part of the border.  The Cynthia Weglarz Rountree Fund was able to dedicate a tile to the memory of Thia.  It was decided to use the beautiful watercolor painting of a eastern bluebird by Susan Rountree as the design for the tile.  Students from local schools also participated in the creation of smaller tiles which frame the mural


Next time you visit Palos, please visit the mural at 12221 South Harlem, facing the municipal parking lot.  You will be amazed by the beauty of this public artwork.

Jane Goodall Speaks at Ocean Reef

February  15, 2011

From Ocean Reef,  Florida

Dr. Jane Goodall, the world renowned chimpanzee research scientist, author, and tireless advocate for the conservation of the environment came to Ocean Reef, Florida on February 15, 2011 to speak in the Cultural Center.  Jack and I with Mirek Krajewski were three of the first people to arrive at the theater.   We had been looking forward to this event ever since we learned about it last  year.  As we anticipated, there was a full house before the program began.


It was amazing to see Jane Goodall come to the podium carrying her little mascot, a knitted sock monkey, which she placed on the table next to her.  She is so lovely and so unchanged despite the fifty years since the start of her career.  Read more .....