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2016 Chicago River Day: Saturday, May 7th at Lake Katherine

For the 13th consecutive year, friends and family of the Cynthia Weglarz Rountree Fund joined the Friends of the Chicago River for their annual Chicago River Clean-Up Day.  As in years past, we gathered at the Lake Katherine Nature Center in Palos Heights.  This year we were kept busy planting native flowers at the western edge of Lake Katherine in memory of Thia, who continues to inspire us to "get up close and personal" with nature.

Team Weglarz/Rountree assembled at 8:45 AM over coffee, hot chocolate, and Dunkin Munchkins on the porch of the Nature Center at Lake Katherine.  After filling out the proper release forms, we walked along the north side of the lake to our designated work site.  Check out some of the photos from the day.

Mike, Sue and Jill Rountree along with friend Matt dug in with great enthusiasm.  Bob, Blake, Mark and Nate Weglarz were a very productive group.  Olivia, Vanya and Cynthia Welgarz planted quite a lot too.  Lea and Marissa (celebrating her birthday) Massaro were a very strong duo, while Arlene Sypniewski, Jon Weglarz, and Joy Golaszewski did more than their share and kept team spirit going.

All in all, we outdid ourselves and by 11:45 AM were ready to head to Palos Park for our regular Panera lunch feast and a really good time beging together.

Everyone was tired but very satisfied that the day went well and that we made a meaningful contribution to Lake Katherine and the Chicago River Day clean up.  A big thank you to all that participated and hope to see you again next year. 

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