We support environmental causes through through hands-on cleanup efforts such as:

  • Lake Katherine’s Nature Preserve in Palos Heights for the past three years
  • Planting flowers at the Palos Park Village Hall
  • Meadow restoration effort at Camp Sagawau in Palos Park.

If you’d like to get involved in environmental efforts with us, please CONTACT US, or call Mark Weglarz at 312.545.4939.

Protect Your Pets From Disaster

From United Animal Nations:
What would happen if a fire or flood forced you from home? Are you prepared? If you haven’t already done the following five things to safeguard your pets, get started today!

  1. Swap keys with a trusted neighbor who can get your pets if disaster strikes while you are out.
  2.   Keep a spare leash or collapsible cat carrier in your car.
  3.   License and microchip all of your pets.
  4.   Identify at least one place you can evacuate with your animals.
  5.   Keep a photo of yourself and each of your animals in your wallet.